• Q: The Plugin does not seem to work.

    • A: Make sure that you have followed the installation guide carefully, and that you have the correct dependencies installed.
      If the plugin has initialized properly, you should see any of the following lines in OpenTabletDriver’s console:

      [Touch Gestures Daemon:Info] Initialized
      [Touch Gestures:Info] Now handling touch gesture for: Wacom CTH-470

      At that point you should also be able to trigger the gestures you have set up & you the interface should be able to connect to the plugin.

  • Q: The driver does not seem to go past ‘Waiting for debugger to attach…’ in the console.

    • A: Oops, i may have forgot to set the build configuration to Release instead of Debug, let me know on github if this is the case.

This section is still in construction, if you have any questions, feel free to ask them on the Github Discussions