Installing Dependencies for the plugin

  1. If you haven’t downloaded OpenTabletDriver yet, you can follow the “installation” guides here. or in video format:

(Install .NET 6 Desktop Runtime if you plan to use OpenTabletDriver

  1. Open OpenTabletDriver.UX and go to Plugins > Open Plugin Manager,

  2. Look for Enhanced Output Mode in the list, select it and click Install,

  3. Close the Plugin Manager,

  4. Go to the Filters tab and select Touch Settings,

  5. Enable it & tick Toggle Touch to enable touch input.

For Wacom PTH-x60 Tablet (Paper Edition) Users Only

You will need to change the MaxX and MaxY values in the Touch Settings plugin.
Follow the steps below to obtain these values.

  1. Head to Tablet > Tablet Debugger and check your touch maxes there.

  2. Move your finger slowly to the bottom right corner of the tablet and check the X and Y values.

  3. Take note of these values and put them in the Touch Settings plugin.

Installing Dependencies for the UX

  1. Install the latest version of .NET 8 Desktop Runtime

  2. You may want to open the terminal and run the following command:

dotnet --list-runtimes